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Friday, August 11, 2017

Sal throws out the first pitch at a Detroit Tigers game. After dreaming of it for as long as he’s played baseball, Sal has finally achieved one of his life-long goals of throwing a pitch at Comerica Park. Sal chose to dedicate his pitch to the memory of Bob who loved baseball and who coached Sal and the rest of the Cipriano children in the sport. Although the Tigers didn’t win, Sal definitely did as he and the family spent a day at the ballpark that they’ll never forget.

The family would like to thank Karen Drew and Channel 4 News for making the connections, as well as the Detroit Tigers public relations office for making it all a reality.  And thank you to Anibal Sanchez for donating his suite so that their friends and family could all enjoy the game together.

Go Tigers!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sal runs the Sixth Annual Cipriano Classic. After only being able to walk the final stretch of last year’s 5K, Sal has made huge strides and was able to walk/run more than half of this year’s. Thanks to his trainers at Barwis Methods, Sal continues to improve physically and hopes to run the whole race next year.

Having been a strong swimmer her entire life, Rose is grateful to be able to return to the sport as she has begun swimming in the morning with friends. Isabella graduated this week from Our Lady of Sorrows where she won a Courage Award. For high school, she is deciding between Mercy and St. Catherine’s, but in the meantime, she plans to stay busy this summer by playing softball and tennis. Tanner graduated from the University of Notre Dame last month with a  double major in Film, Television, and Theatre and American Studies. He received a Chair Award from the FTT department in which he also completed an honors senior thesis. He hopes to try his luck in the film and television industry.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Rose attends parents night at Catholic Central football game. Rose’s beauty and spirit shined brightly on Friday night to honor the parents of Catholic Central football players. Last year, Bob and Rose beamed with pride when they appeared at the same ceremony with both Tanner and Salvatore. Watching their twin boys play football was a pleasure and joy. It was a small consolation for the hard work and sacrifice they poured into their family. It was the right time and place for Rose to make a public appearance. The family at Catholic Central provided the necessary comfort and security for Rose to attend the ceremony without the unnecessary fanfare of the media. It was so fitting that the same stadium that held the widely attended vigil back in April was the location of Rose’s first appearance in public.

Sal was not in attendance on Friday, but his progress has allowed him to take day trips from the rehabilitation facility. Entertaining family, friends, coaches, and teachers has been a great source of spirit for his recovery.

Not enough can be said about the warmth and love the community has poured on this family. Prayers, Love, and kindness really do work. Thank you for all of your support.

The privacy of the family continues to be our shield and we appreciate the fans at the stadium having respected that request. Thank you.





Monday, July 30, 2012

Finally, Rose joins Sal at Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center for critical brain therapy. Having completed acute medical care at Botsford Hospital, then sub-acute care at the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan in Detroit, they have both been transferred to their third facility which will focus on intense brain rehabilitation. We do not release the name of the facility until after they leave because we are protecting their privacy and preventing unwanted visitors from interfering with their medical care. We trust that the public will continue to respect this request until they are ready to re-enter society on their own terms. Rose and Sal continue to make daily progress in their uphill struggle to regain 100% of their physical selves. Obviously, emotional and mental recovery will take a lifetime, but with all of our help, we can make that struggle smoother for them.

Blue Care Network denies coverage for Cognitive Rehabilitation. This medical journey has been loaded with daily obstacles. Most recently, the struggle has been with the medical insurance provider, Blue Care Network. This is the health insurance company provided through Bob’s employer, the Dearborn Public Schools. Like most employer provided health insurance companies, coverage for cognitive rehabilitation is excluded. In other words, they do not pay for it. The only people getting cognitive rehabilitation in Michigan through insurance are those people injured in a car accident or on the job. When Rose and Sal reached the third level of rehabilitation, we requested from Blue Care Network that they be sent to facility that specialized in cognitive rehabilitation which was out of their network of providers. Blue Care Network denied our request and provided a list of nursing home facilities which were inappropriate for either Sal or Rose. This decision is being appealed.

Our decision to get the best medical care for Rose and Sal is costly.  Because the facility is out of network and Blue Care has denied coverage, full payment for the facility, which runs thousands of dollars per day comes from the money donated to the Cipriano Children’s Trust and personal funds of Bob and Rose.  For their benefit, we now hope for an even more immediate recovery to avoid a depleting the Trust and Rose’s personal assets. We could not have provided such quality care without your prayers and support which has been as much a miracle as has been their recovery.

Again, we thank you.  God bless you!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sal makes his move!  Confident that he successfully completed physical therapy, he winked to the nurses station as he walked back to his room.  His confidence also stems from news that he’s surpassed every physical and occupational goal set by the staff at  Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan in Detroit.  Today, he moves to his next level of rehabilitation where he’ll focus very intensely on reconnecting with his cognitive abilities.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Rose and Sal were reunited this morning for the very first time.  While walking back to his room from physical therapy the elevators doors opened and out walked Rose.  They fell into each others arms as they were supported by the surrounding family.   A meeting prior to today has been impossible due to the differing injuries, physicians, and facilities.  Today has been a glorious day.  Our hope is to reunite them together at the same rehabilitation facility in the very near future.

Sal walked without a walker today for the first time!!!!


Saturday, June 30, 2012

Salvatore has been intensively training for a triathalon.  Well, not exactly, it’s more difficult.  A triathlete will tell you, the training regimen requires every fiber of one’s being to prepare. Bedridden for two months in intensive care, he lost weight and muscle.  For 10 days he has endured painful sessions of physical, occupational, and speech therapy.  He is pushed hard by the therapists, and when pressed, he pushes back.  His will to recover is most inspiring.  When he has to do 10 reps, he does 15.  He has gone from wheelchair to walker in this short time.  Today, he played a full game of Yahtzee, picking the correct dice and taking appropriate risks.  Yesterday he played catch both throwing and catching at the same time.   Sal’s shy pensive demeanor is back.  Caught him in his “hand to chin pose” today after staring at the photo book from his brother and friends where they mimic him in photos with the “pose.”  When we’re not around he’s watching movies on his DVD or ESPN on TV, listening to music, or just sleeping.  How dare he sleep?  His sense of humor has also returned.  He laughed hysterically when we showed him a video of his brother Tanner umpiring at a little league game where he, apparently late for a date, started calling every pitch a “strike.”  Some of those balls were so low and outside the catcher had to dive to make the catch. .

Rose continues to take her rehabilitation in stride.  No one should worry about Rose’s ability to speak, she has already made up for the time she was in ICU.  Very much in control of her rehabilitation, but also aware of her abilities to take things a week at a time now.

Tanner and Isabella are knee deep in summer activities and out of town for the July 4th holiday.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

In the last update, we declared that Salvatore cleared a major hurdle . . . but were too optimistic and his infection returned so he was in a holding pattern receiving a battery of antibiotics. They finally worked, so now we can boldly say he cleared it.  He is on his way towards escaping from two months in the intensive care unit at Botsford Hospital.  We anticipate his departure to a rehabilitation center soon absent any further complications.  The family is intensely pleased with this news.  We hope you are too.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rose’s physical recovery has been a miracle.  She transferred to a new facility designed for rehabilitation of post-operative critical care patients. This is the third level of care for patients who’ve suffered traumatic brain injury.  To have come so far in only six weeks is amazing!  Her desire to return to her role as mother could not be more evident than in the patience she held while Isabella told her the story of catching painted turtles with her brother and cousins at Turtle Bay up north at the cabin over Memorial Day weekend.  Isabella was interrupted once by Rose to scold Tanner for interjecting.  Every day she shows marked improvement.  If we were told six weeks ago that Rose would be this far along we would not have believed it.  Family members are constantly at her side providing love, encouragement, and privacy.

Salvatore leaped over the largest hurdle toward the exit doors of the Intensive Care Unit.  His recovery, which had been slow due to an infection that developed a couple weeks ago, has been hastened by the brilliant and caring team of medical doctors and staff at Botsford Hospital.  With the help of antibiotics, Salvatore beat the infection off, and is getting prepped for the next leg of his journey.  He is responding to instructions and is actively working with the therapists to regain the muscle strength which has been lost over the past 6 weeks.  Yesterday, he put his Catholic Central baseball cap on and then caught the ball!!!

Tanner and Isabella have been in their “normal” routine at school and with friends. They visit their mother and brother on a regular basis – which is good therapy for all of them!  Tanner has completed his last day as a Junior at Catholic Central High School and Isabella will soon finish  third grade at Saint Fabian.Both are ready for their summer vacation.    Thank you so much for your continued love, prayers and support.

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  1. I am glad to hear that Rose and Sal are together now. I am troubled by the fact that Blue Care Network has denied coverage and I have an idea: I know you guys are very private and want to keep things private and confidential. I think it would be a great idea to contact Bill Spencer (Channel 7) 7 on your side. He is a problem solver and gets things done. I’m sure he would be honored to try to help you and he would respect your wishes for privacy. If he can’t get Blue Care Network to work with you, maybe he could find another avenue of help for Rose and Sal. Everyone has been so touched by this story and I know he would do everything possible to help. Please consider it!

    May God continue to bless Rose and Sal as they continue their journey back!

  2. Fantastic update!!! Keep pushin’ hard, Sal! Love to you all….

  3. It has been forty two years since Rosemary and I were wonderful friends at the Bay City Country Club and the Y. Rose your smile, laughter and your glowing personality is in my mind as if it were yesterday. My family knows all about you and my stories of my happiest chilhood memories which was when you and I were friends I will always remember how you took me under your wing as a new kid and will NEVER forget your kind spirit that was all around you. My heart aches for your tragedy. While we want to question God, it is his healing and our forgiveness and faith that will heal us. Life is such an irony. I just found you yesterday and thank Beth for messaging me back right away. I will be Praying for you and your families for your healing from the inside out. Something I read today said “God only gives the toughest warriors the toughest battles.” Warrior on my dear special childhood friend. May God shine his light on all of you each and every day as you fight the fight. Love you old friend Linds.xxxooo

  4. I am crying as I am typing this message. This update completely warmed my heart and I can only imagine how they felt seeing each other for the first time. My prayers are continuous for all of them. Keep going!!

  5. Tears of happiness flowing freely as I read these latest updates. Thank you for sharing this great news.
    God is good!

  6. Tears are in my eyes as I type this. I am so happy that Sal was able to see his mother and she was able to see him. I continue to pray for the whole family. God Bless all those who also pray for this wonderful family.

  7. So GREAT to hear that Sal and Rose are making continued progress and were reunited briefly today! They are both miracles and a testament to the power of prayer. Sending blessings and prayers everyday.

  8. Tears of joy filled my eyes when reading the wonderful updates on Sal and Rose. I really enjoyed seeing Isabella and having coffee with Sandy at the Bee Knees, too. You all are in our prayers and thoughts always.

  9. Inspiring…This post brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face…we pray for Rose, Sal and families continued healing of mind, body and spirit…

  10. I pray for Rose and Sal and both families every day. I send special prayers to Dennis and Sandy to give them strength in their care of all the children in their care.
    I feel blessed to have been a small part of this family. Ellie was my dear friend.

  11. The Giacobone family continues their prayers for the Cipriano and Trahan family and we are happy to hear that both Rose and Sal are making progress. Beth has been amazing at keeping us all informed of the progress and events and the support she has given to her family. I would love a sister like you Beth. I remember meeting Tanner at the funeral home and thinking what an amazing young man and how proud his parents would be of him. A truly remarkable strong family makes all the difference. God bless all!!

  12. That is excellent news about Sal. I continue to pray for his and Rose’s recovery and for the entire family.

  13. Rose and Sal are truly incredible for making such progress. The support, love and prayers of Family, Friends and the Community is wonderful. I am so grateful that the press has allowed the families the privacy they need to make this journey of healing.

    Thanks for sharing this with all of us who care so very much.

  14. I mentioned a book to one of Rose’s sisters at the 5K yesterday. It was a great resource to us and I think your family will love it. The author is very approachable and is a wonderful person. Don’t Leave Me This Way (or when I get back on my feet you’ll be sorry) by Julia Fox Garrison. Best wishes!

  15. I can’t say enough about my nephews and how they have taken Bob’s family under their wings.. Their love and affection and help has gone beyond belief. Sandy and Dennis have opened their hearts and home to Bella and Tanner. What a great thing; Mike,Ron,Greg, and Nick have reorganized their lives to help their brother Bob’s family.Their Dad Sal, and Mom Elly, or in Calif. she was always known as Pinky, would be so proud/ I know Bob is being taken care of by them in heaven. GOD LOVE THEM ALL

  16. I think of your family all the time. As a school counselor and mother my heart aches for the children. It was such a sweet moment to talk to Tanner at the funeral home. I tell people all the time that his parents did a wonderful job. I could see the beautiful spirit of a grounded individual and spiritual conviction.

    Ms. Elder, Fordson high school

  17. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family each day. You’ve been blessed with the strength to take on a great responsibility in looking after your brothers family with all the events and changes you have put into place to see that the children will be taken care of. Do take care of yourself too.
    With love Annette

  18. Dear Isa and all family, I have been following everything from the beginning and sending love and prayers your way. I am so happy to know of the progress…. Thank you for sharing!!! love and light, Paula

  19. The Cipriano Family has endured alot and has made great strides in ways never imaginable or thought of…. as I have said before, not knowing the family closely doesn’t mean people don’t feel for them, it’s like 9/11, sometimes we can’t get enough information on their progress or activities so… please keep the status updates coming, they are welcome and as always, prayers will continue… God Bless all…

  20. It is great to have one place to get updates. Though it has been a long time since I’ve seen Rosemary, (and even longer since we’ve swam together!) she and her family are in my prayers daily.

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