Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 2.23.04 PMSAL THROWS OPENING PITCH – thanks to the efforts of WDIV news reporter, Karen Drew, Sal was able to fulfill one of his lifelong dreams of throwing a ball at Comerica Park.

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The Tragedy began with this description in 2012: “Reading this story will break your heart.  No one in the family can recite the story without breaking into tears.  But here’s what happened: In the early morning hours of April 16, 2012, the lives of Robert “Bob” and Rosemary “Rose” Cipriano and their family changed forever. Bob, a loving husband and devoted father of four children, was attacked and killed in his home. Rose and their 17 year old son, Salvatore “Sal”, were also severely beaten and critically injured.  But for the courageous 911 call placed by their son Tanner (Sal’s twin brother), he and his 8 year old sister Isabella would have met the same fate. Tragically, the person responsible for these unspeakable crimes is Bob and Rose’s 19-year old son Tucker.”

Despair followed with torturous days and nights in the hospital waiting for a thumbs up from the neurosurgeon that Rose and Sal were ready to leave intensive care.   The lingering question that still haunts us today is is “why did this happen?”

Forgiveness was given to Tucker and Mitchell Young most notably by Tanner in a Eulogy at Bob’s funeral only two weeks after the incident.  “So I stand here, in my most vulnerable hour, and beg, in the absence of my father, that all of you may find it in your loving hearts to forgive Mitchell and to forgive Tucker as my father had time after time after time. Because it is only after true forgiveness that true healing will begin. My father was a loving man, and with his guidance, I pray that we may all follow in his footsteps of love.”  Click here to read the full Eulogy.  Tucker responded to this forgiveness by pleading no contest to the charges to spare the family a public trial against him.  He has also participated in a televised talk show highlighting the dangers of synthetic marijuana with Paul Viollis on www.securitybrieftv.com.

Faith of the Cipriano family and the community in God has been the strongest medicine to date.  Without the Catholic church providing guidance, the family would be lost.  St. Fabian, Catholic Central High School, Our Lady of Sorrows, and St. Patrick all played instrumental roles in the welfare of the family.

Healing has many faces.  Rose and Sal are still continue to be treated for their injuries.  But overcoming such a tragedy mentally and emotionally takes a long time.  Most of the money donated pays for Salvatore’s rehabilitation.  Although his speech has not returned, his voice is very much heard.

Community lives in Farmington Hills, Michigan.  The response to the tragedy by thousands of very good people volunteering their time, money, resources to host fundraisers, deliver meals, performing construction projects, and many other efforts, was a phenomenon.Over 5000 people have submitted comments on CIPRIANO SUPPORT PAGE ON FACEBOOK for you to browse to get a feel of the love, warmth, and support of the community.


The Cipriano Family